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Gridcoin gains some momentum

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Because of the current Bitcoin (BTC) boom (see BTC chart below), Gridcoin (GRC) also increased significantly in value during the last couple of weeks.

But additionally to the increase of value through BTC, which is about 2.5 times the value of mid March, GRC also increased its value in BTC significantly (see GRC chart below). This March, the price of one GRC in BTC was around 0.000006. Thats 5 (five) 0’s (zero) before the six.

Now, the GRC price is at around 0.000036 (with only four 0’s). Therefore the GRC/BTC price increased six times in about three month. Multiplying this with the value increase in BTC, we end up with an overall GRC value increase of 6 * 2.5 = 15. So, GRC increased its actual value 15 times during the last three month.

I had done some little investment to play around with this currency some time ago and I am also mining (BOINCing) on my workstation. So I am pretty happy about this development, and I think that this increase in value, particularly for GRC, will continue in the future. Because GRC is one of the few crypto currencies that actually make sense.

In GRC you use BOINC for mining the currency, BOINC is a distributed GRID computing application on which science and non-profit computing projects are computed by the community. Compared to Bitcoin, you do not compute more or less senseless math problems, but you actually help several projects to contribute to society and the sciences. This has and creates actual value beyond pure wasting of energy.

This actual value in GRC will help the currency to gain more popularity and will help it to prevail and even grow, because it makes just much more sense compared to most other crypto currencies. On this basis I can recommend to invest in GRC, or just start mining (BOINCing) and contribute your free CPU cycles to science and society, if you are interested in joining crypto currencies.

Have fun!


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