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A 32c3 blog post, from someone who was not there

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As it is now almost tradition for me to follow the CCC Congress via video streaming between the years, during major years end home cleanup and holiday chill, I want to take note about some interesting talks and recommend you to see the recordings of this talks, embedded in this post.

First off, the video streaming, recording and its web publication delivered by the CCC Video Operation Center is top notch! It is possible to follow every talk, some of them even simultaneously translated and with sub texts in several languages. The videos were live streamed in several formats, embedded HTML5 video, or video streams to play from video player applications, such as VLC. Later on the video are published on the servers, without ads and without tracking. Good services for embedding and sharing of the videos are provided too. It's really awesome and most important it's rock solid and professional. I am really looking forward to FOSS4G 2016 in Bonn, where these guys will be doing the video recordings for the FOSS4G Conference.


The second part of this talk is very interesting, the presenter of this part was able to in some way reverse engineer, or at least to successfully trace, how the variables are tuned in the Volkswagen engines, for cheating the emissions on the test stands.

A pity that the first guy took so much time, because he did not told anything new. If you read for example the Spiegel Online headlines according to the #dieselgate you know evereything he said. Sadly, the talk was aborted by the moderator in the end, when the talk was getting most interesting, because they ran out of time.

Let's Encrypt

Let's encrypt is a great new service, for anyone running a web server or web site. This service makes it possible to get TLS/SSL certificates, accepted by all the major browsers, for free! I tried it on this very web site and server, and got it installed in about 5 minutes. Really easy and a great service indeed!

Onion Tor Talks

The first talk, State of the Onion, is getting a tradition at CCC Congress. Here the lead persons of the Tor project are delivering the latest news about the project to the community. An absolute must see, for anyone interested in security, privacy and decency on the internet.

The second Tor talk is more technical, but also shows interesting statistics and has some stories about for example, how Facebook uses Tor and Onion sites to deliver its services in repressional regimes, such as Saudi Arabia, Russia or China.

A new kid on the block

Here, Katharina Nocun delivers THE "anti Facebook" Talk of this years Congress. The new kid on the block is in this case the open source decentralized Diaspora* social network. If Diaspora* is really new, is object-able, but she has some very valid observations to share and reminds us of why it is not a good idea to trust in a central commercial entity with to much of your private informations and data. Here is also a good article in German about her and this talk.

One year of securitarian drift in France

A very interesting talk, in the aftermath of the Paris attacks and the Charlie Hebdo attack in France, was given by two French activists form the la quadrature du net, the French CCC (in some sense). The French authorities and politics are strengthen the surveillance and diminishing the freedom of speech, because they think this increases the security. The two activists tell a quite shocking story about the current situation in france.

There were of course a lot more very interesting talks, but I leave it to the many crowds of the inter webs to report on this other talks. You can find all recordings on the CCC media servers, to virtually participate in the Congress like I did.

A happy new year to you all and of course have fun!


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