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New website

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Its now proven, procrastination is an important tool for me to get things done. In the dawn of an important deadline for a paper abstract, I managed to work a lot on my (completely unrelated from the deadline task) new website, which layed untouched for several month (nearly a year I think)... But Yeah! Its finally done. I got my new website crafted!

Christian is happy to got his new website done

As promised for the last couple of month on this site, I build my new website from scratch. As you know, if you want to build something from scratch, you have first to (re-)invent the universe! If you don't believe me, then you may listen to Carl Sagan?! :) Take this:

Haha! Got it? ;) As you might suspect, I indeed did not (re-)invent the universe, but this new website is old school static HTML only. No more dynamic data base quereies and big fat unsecure and complex CMS frameworks, FTW!

In detail, I use the static website compiler Blogofile which creates static content based on templates marked up using the Mako templating framework. And for the Layout I use Twitter Bootstrap v3, which provides great clean predefined good looking CSS components.


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