The Map Is Not The Territory

A blog by Christian Willmes.


This is the personal website of Christian Willmes, a Geography/GIScience PhD Student at the Institute of Geography of the University of Cologne. Born and raised in Cologne, studied first Computer Science in Bonn and then Geography in Cologne. He holds a Diploma in Geography with minors in Computer Science and Cartography from the University of Cologne. Christian is not a native English speaker, but he has his website in English to let more people be able to understand what he writes about. So please bear with him, if the wording and grammar is not perfect.

Christian at Sydney harbour, Sept. 2012.

Besides general information about Christian, you will find a Blog about everything Christian cares writing about. This will mostly be his (academic) work, which deals with geospatial technology, data integration and management, spatial data analysis and making maps (which are not the territory). But there are probably also blog posts about occasional geekery and topics like travel, books, movies, or politics.

This website is build using the Blogofile framework, which is a static website compiler allowing to render all pages and content of a website into static HTML files. This has the advantage to be very fast on the server side, because no database queries are needed to deliver the HTML content. The layout is facilitated using the Twitter Bootstrap CSS Framework.


Christian Willmes
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Resume / CV

A detailed and structured "about me" can be found in my Curriculum Vitae (CV) document.